Market research for pharmacy

Every pharmaceutical or medical company is struggling on a very competitive market. That is why it is highly recommended to conduct market research for pharmacy in Poland. That research provide studies and analysis on advertising, consumer insights, concept tests, packaging, information campaign effectiveness, decision-making process, competitors. This is especially important now, when this market grows and is worth sometimes more than GDP in some developing countries (e.g. large companies as: Pfizer, Novartis, Teva, J&J). When you are a marketing manager in the pharmaceutical or medical company, you need in-depth market analysis, trends, forecasts, and patent analysis, and many, many more.


Activity on the market in the field of research

Usually pharmaceutical and medical companies spend a lot of money on marketing operations. Sometimes more than they spend on research and development activity. How to properly prepare your company to this situation, when giants, such as Novartis or Pfizer has more money on this activity, than smaller companies? The best way is to obtain information about pharmaceutical marketing research Poland. You need the best market research company with the experienced analytics team. They obtain for you accurate, detailed data and create reliable analysis about your clients, cooperators, competitors. Everything you need to conduct an effective marketing campaign.


How to conduct a professional medical market research Poland

The main concern about research is a choice of market research agency. If you choose well, analytics from such agency help you by preparation of whole research process, from the conception and overview, through the implementation of the research to official return. They help you understand and fulfill patient needs, physicians needs, medical facility staff needs. They sometimes obtain this data for analysis by qualitative research or quantitative research, and sometimes combine their techniques. For example, within quantitative research you can identify: online surveys (CAWI), telephone questionnaires (CATI), computer assisted surveys (CAPI) and traditional paper questionnaires (PAPI). In qualitative interviewing you can find: individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group discussions (FGI), case studies. It depends on the conception of the research, which techniques are the best for specific survey. And after it is decided which of the techniques to use, analytics decide to how many people and in which area to ask questions (it is important to chose to quantitative research people by demographic and economic variables, lifestyle, shopping preferences and experiences, health situation, etc.). When you have research techniques, target group, research question, you can conduct your survey “in the field”. After data gathering process is time for analysis, which are crucial for marketing decision making process.

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