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Market research – untapped potential

Every company wants to improve efficiency and make big effort to achieve this goal. This is especially important on FMCG market, because, as its definition says, it is a market of fast moving consumer goods. This means, that consumers supply their demands regularly. Articles of daily use are needed by everyone, so it is really huge market, where manufacture costs are low and demand unusually high. On the other hand, as a company owner or manager, you have to consider very high level of competitiveness. Consumers from this market are rather loyal, which does not mean, that under influence of accurate advertising campaign, they do not change their habits. It is too much to win, so good strategy is more than important for companies on this market. But before any actions to improve companies position it is wise to conduct market research Poland.



In FMCG (or CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods) you can find companies which produce food stuff, drinks, alcohol drinks, OTC drugs, domestic detergents, cosmetics and many other products. Producers from this market should take care of many things, such as: quality of the products, price level, distribution chain and channels, quality of advertisements, activity in media. Market research helps to improve every element of this points. For example, when company wants to release a new product on the market, it may be very helpful to conduct marketing surveys Poland. If this research is credible and solid, the results would provide essential information for developing improvements in specific divisions of the company. In this research it is essential to do survey such as: consumer insights, concepts and prototypes, advertising testing (storyboards/stillomatics), advertising campaign, segmentation.



The easiest way to obtain credible and solid data, is to hire out professional research company with experienced team. Researchers from this company help to decide which aspects of the FMCG company is essential to study, and which methods and techniques is adequate. For example, within research methods you can find qualitative and quantitative research. The first one is expensive and long-lasting, but more comprehensive than the second one. Quantitative research: CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing), CAPI (computer assisted personal interviewing), CAWI (computer assisted web interviewing), PAPI (paper and pen interviewing). Qualitative research: IDI (individual in-depth interview), FGI (focus group interview), Mystery Client, case studies. The best option is to use at least two of those (one quantitative and the other one – qualitative). In this way you obtain results which are possible to generalize on the population of current and potential clients, and in-depth analysis.